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Dear Business partner,

Strong corporate leadership, quality standards and Customer service in the way we operate have helped Al Jowder grow its core businesses substantially, despite the fierce Global competition in business markets through the year 2007.

Our portfolio of businesses had made it possible to achieve success, though we were not in isolation from the world market trends and fluctuations, but the combination of operational excellence, unique services and diversity created a sound platform for Al Jowder to achieve the positive growth.

We have established our guidelines to help us focus on what matters first. These guidelines can be simply summed up in two words: “Our Customer”. The customer centric strategy that we adopt and maintain is designed to streamline our efforts and processes, making us closer to our clients and customers and to better understand and meet their needs and requirements; ultimately be the preferred business partner to our clientele.

I am very pleased to be a part of this Group, and on behalf of our team, I would like to say thank you, clients and customers, partners and suppliers for your business and your continued support to Al Jowder.

The final words of thanks must go to my Team, management and staff throughout the Group who made it possible to attain these results and contributed to this success and laid a strong foundation for the year ahead.

Assuring you that we will continue to do all what it takes to improve our services.

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